CAT Preparation 2018

CAT 2018 Preparation | CAT Exam 2018 Study Plan

Most of the students start their CAT preparation 6-9 months before CAT 2018. However there are some testimonies that some students have cracked CAT exam with just 4-5 months of rigorous preparation.  With only few days left, many of you might have already covered most of the syllabus, and some of you might even have started revision of the syllabus. Here are some preparation tips for CAT 2018 that may help you in your CAT preparation.


  • For those who have covered most of their entire CAT syllabus, it is best to start practicing time management. Set a time bound for a topic and try to complete it in time.
  • Topics like Data Interpretation, syllogism, seating arrangement consumes a lot of your CAT exam time. Hence, it is good to lay more focus on them. As these questions are shot to test your decision making and quick thinking ability in CAT exam, more practice on repeated topics helps you go easily in main course.
  • Algebra is considered to be a crucial concept of Quantitative Ability in CAT syllabus. When you are perfect with concepts, it is good to start with simple questions and gradually move to difficult questions while revising. Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability also needs equal importance in CAT syllabus.
  • Non-engineering students have to spend more time with QA to compete with engineering students effectively, in their CAT preparation.
  • For VA & RC, reading articles of different genres from news papers helps you deal easily with comprehension part. It also helps you to gain lexicon of vocabulary. The editorial section of The Hindu news paper is most recommended by CAT teachers.
  • In general 4-6 hours in a week for online practice is sufficient in CAT preparation. But during final preparation, more time is required to be spent for online practice. According to experts, Mock tests help a candidate to familiarize with CAT exam environment and develop time management skills.
  • Seeking motivation and guidance from experts is necessary, but you know more about yourself. Pave your own path, create your own strategies that are tried and tested by you and work well for you. Keep that conviction, courage and confidence in you which makes you stand out at the end of the day.
  • A healthy mind and body are very important for better concentration in CAT preparation. Take healthy diet and include fresh vegetables and more fruits in your diet. Avoid junk food any other alcoholic consumption. Do yoga and meditation, it will help you to concentrate better in your exam preparations.
  • In addition to this, maintaining good health along with presence of mind is important during final preparation for CAT. Nutritious diet, ample sleep, regular exercises keeps you balanced, physically and psychologically.

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