Career Counselling for Class 10th Students – What Next after 10th? @Vidyavision

Career Counselling for Class 10th Students – What Next after 10th? @Vidyavision

All the students of Class 10th are currently preparing for the upcoming board examinations. Students have no time to think about the next step they are about to take i.e. selecting the stream to study in Intermediate. Choosing the right stream has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. Even parents have a crucial role in building students career. Selection of the career after 10th class is a transition period for both students and parents. Class 10th is the foundation for every student’s career. Intermediate is the first step that is to be taken by the student towards his goal. Students must take the right decision while choosing the stream for intermediate. One wrong decision can change the future career path of the student. Before taking any decision while choosing the stream, students have to get the clear picture of the future path and get full details of the streams available.

What should Student Analyse

Students who completed their 10th examinations must first think about what next after 10th class. They must find a their own interested field by questioning themselves. Students need to self analyse themselves. They need to understand their interest and skills. They have to question themselves:

1) My interest?

2) Do I have skills to support my interest?

3) Can I maintain the same interest when faced with tough challenges?

Students need to consult their parents and teachers to know about the various streams of intermediate. Due to the lack of knowledge many students tend to take wrong decisions and suffer in their career path. If student can find answers for above three questions, they can take right decision which is helpful for their future career path.

What Next after 10th?

Parents Role

Parents must ensure that their children are thinking about what next after 10th. Parents need to know the interest of their children so that they can help the children with their next step. They must support them with necessary information regarding the streams and career options. Parents must ensure student get the clear picture of the career path. Parents should not force their interest on their children while choosing the stream. Parents should encourage their children to follow their own career path.

Students take decision with ambiguous mind and it is seen that many students take decision based on others opinions instead of following their own interest. Students then quit the stream mid way or feel disappointed and frustrated over their wrong decisions. This leads the student’s career to wrong direction and ruins the career of the student. Students should not take the decision based on others opinions or by pressure.

Students should note that there are no bad streams. All the streams have good future and plenty of career opportunities. A successful career is in the hands of student only. Student need to put sufficient efforts to make their career successful. Choose the stream on your interest and get a breakthrough in career.

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